IndoSurgicals Copper Jala Neti Pot with Neti Salt Plus

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  • LARGE SIZE - Holds approximately 500 ml water, 500 ml is sufficient to clean both nostrils without interruptions
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE - Pot is made of heavy gauge copper sheet so it is extremely durable and suitable for lifelong use
  • IMPROVED NOSE TIP - CNC Machined and policed nose tip is smooth on nostrils. The tapered design provides best fit in all size nostrils and prevent dripping
  • SAFE AND PRACTICAL - The open wide top and uniform diameter of the tip hole is suitable for cleaning. Flat pressed bottom for stability. Weight 260 - 270 Grams.
  • NETI SALT PLUS - Net quantity of 385 gm, Contains no additives or preservatives, Convenient measuring measuring spoon is provided with each pack, Provides natural relief from nasal congestion caused by sinusitis and allergies, Gentle enough for daily use

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